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When someone mentions day-drinking

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72 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.

Houston has a big problem with fair weather fans. And by fair-weather, we’re not talking about, “the Astros have finally won a few so Bill and I are going to catch a game after work”. I mean, “The Texans have made the playoffs for the first time ever, so now that it’s cool to be a Texans fan, I’m going to buy a TJ Yates jersey - he’s the quarterback right? - and sign up for DirecTV Sunday Ticket and throw a huge game-watching party and demand people believe that I’ve been a super fan my whole life”.

Enter the scene below:rockets logo

Two guys get on the elevator this morning, obviously acquaintances. One is wearing a Rockets jersey (see previous posts on appropriate work attire) and smugly declares to the other guy that he has season tickets and how excited he is to go to the game tonight. The other guy asks, naturally, ”Who are the Rockets playing?”

Uhh. Ummm. Aghh…

This die-hard season-ticket holding goofball has no idea. None.

Now, I am nothing close to a basketball fan. I barely blinked when my 3rd grade classmates were losing their minds over the Rockets dream team and Hakeem Olajuwon in 1994.

But I couldn’t help myself, and I blurted out, “The Pistons! They are playing the Pistons.”

Obviously I can’t name a single Rockets player, so how did I magically become such a guru? Because the local news came on after the premiere of Alcatraz last night. Top story? How the Detroit Pistons’ plane nearly crashed in a fiery fireball of doom at the Houston airport. 

Or, for those of you less likely to trust the reporting accuracy of your local news anchors: http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2012/01/16/detroit-pistons-jet-lands-safely-after-landing-gear-alarm/.

Is it baseball season yet?


A #2 with fries, hold the christmas spirit.

My friend T’s husband just received his Christmas bonus at the company holiday party. Want to know what it was?

That’s right folks, a Whataburger gift card. For $10. Doesn’t get much classier or generous than that. Hope she goes for the double meat double cheeseburger, ‘cause she’s totally worth it.

Time to count those blessings,


May I Take Your Order?

At the risk of posting yet again about my frequent trips to Starbucks…

I was running a smidge late to work this morning, and was convinced I was being so clever by going through the Starbucks drive-thru I pass on my way to work rather than walking all the way into the Galleria to the mall Starbucks once I arrived. SO MUCH FASTER, I said. You’re a GENIUS, I smugly chuckled to myself.

Unfortunately, if you drive away, leaving your drink at the drive-thru window and then have to park and actually go into the store to pick it up, it is not faster and you are much more than just a smidge late to work.


Birthdays, Cats, and Getting Crunk.

K:  I think we are going to dinner, but for some reason I’m not super into my birthday this year.

E:  really, you love birthdays!

K:  I know! I’m normally a huge birthday brat. But i feel REALLY old today.

      Like tired old cat lady old.

E:  maybe you could go out and get crunk tonight to feel young.

     But that seems like a lot of work to me, I would prefer to sleep.

K:  that’s how I feel too. You can be in my tired old cat lady club.

E:  can we be dog ladies though?

K:  yes please. Cats hate me.

E: cats hate everyone which is why I hate them.

K: agreed.

E: ugh I don’t get people who like animals that are so snarky.

K: they didn’t get enough love as a child.

tall extra-hot hazelnut soy latte with caramel drizzle.

no, no, I wasn’t staring at you. that’s a totally normal thing for a grown married man to order.


This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for jobs that make us work with our peers, especially when we want to push them in front of a bus, Mean Girls style. Thanks, M, for making me laugh out loud at work today.
Via someecards

This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for jobs that make us work with our peers, especially when we want to push them in front of a bus, Mean Girls style. Thanks, M, for making me laugh out loud at work today.


Via someecards

A Guest Judgement from Across the Pond

The lovely L sends us this gem from Dublin:

L says, “Yes, those are patterned leggings and a fur coat. Because the 80s will live forever in Ireland.”

E believes that her sentiments are best expressed by the world’s greatest November rounds comment card.
"Holy Shit No."

Love, TYRA


In life we have had many groups of friends, play dates our mothers made for us as children, family friends, school friends, sports friends, sorority friends, tuesday-night-at-lonnies-friends … the list goes on and eventually gets to “work friends”-  this is a tricky category.

The problem with work friends is that somewhere between school friends and adult life, some people seem to have lost their social boundaries (they probably left them at lonnies). These people have a scary definition of work friends which involves them trying to penetrate your whole life. They over share, ask questions that are too personal and want to go to lunch every day. When you do not share in this frightening enthusiasm to merge your lives, they look at you like you’re the one with the problem … FALSE … work friends are work friends is because YOU ARE AT WORK. While at work, the general idea is to do work (except when you’re writing this blog post – oops) so if you happen to find some people at work who you like and would actually like to be just plain old friends with – great, knock yourselves out. But could everyone stop acting like everyone who works together should be friends? It’s ok to just be a friendly coworker – which to clarify, would mean that you work in the same place….


'Tis the Season?

it's never too early

My office smells like gingersnaps and I just saw my first christmas sweater of the season. As of last week (pre-Halloween) all the major shopping centers had their holiday decorations up and the lights turned on.

Even though it’s 76 degrees outside and Starbucks hasn’t yet started serving up those tasty Peppermint Mocha Lattes, Houston is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.